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Added: Erase SSN option to the membership maintenance.  This will clear out any Social Security Numbers that have been entered for security reasons.  Note: at this time, the removal of the SSN will affect the printing of the 1099 forms.


Version (test release)


Corrected: Weigh-slip pre-prints  was skipping some boats

Modified: Group information will always show on the weigh-in form and is no longer specific to a group setting in the tournament setup




Corrected: When calculating paybacks in the payback table, if the "Set payback for every" option is used the number of paybacks was not calculated correctly.

Corrected: If boaters were to keep their boat number for a day 2 pairing, the boat number was still being randomized.




Corrected: Year-to-Date big fish for groups was not reporting the largest fish caught during the reporting period.

Added: Explanation on the email sending window under the HTML text. When using HTML in the email, it body of the message must start with <html> and end with </html>. NOTE: Only use simple HTML codes when formatting the message.

Added: The "Help About" window now shows the current data path.




Corrected: Though the accumulated report for Pro-Am tournaments was fine, Day 2 results report  was not sorting properly.  

Added: Multi-day tournament report for Pro-Am tournaments




Corrected: Bump program v1.0.0.113 for pro-am/draw tournaments has been corrected to better filter out non-tournament anglers.  This will eliminate the bump program from appearing to "hang."




Changed: version numbering scheme. Bumped to 8.1.

Corrected: Changed individual year-to-date big fish reporting when calculations are based on combining team and individual results. Team big fish results were not being picked up.

Modified: A Windows All Programs menu item under the Tournament Keeper v8 labeled Reset Data Directory will change the data access back to the local default directories.  This can be used when a bump station is not set back to the local defaults before being shut down which will prevent the program from running unless the network is first re-established.

Modified: Team number displays have been expanded to 12 digits.




Corrected: Team payout generation was not creating the post-tournament payouts.




Restored: Lost during the conversion was the list of Draw/Pro-Am tournament pairing number listing after a random pairing has been completed. This tab has been restored.




Corrected: Team tournament daily summary report was not loading the correct daily weights though the final total and place of finish were correct.

Corrected: Team tournament payment audit was not properly ignoring payments that did not belong to the current tournament.




Added: No program changes. Forgot to add the changed layouts in 1399




Corrected (again): Individual YTD reports were failing to pick up the selected division

Corrected: Tournament payout audit report was including all payouts.  Filter updated.

Corrected: Members YTD Detail report was not reporting the YTD totals at the end of the report.




Corrected: team tournament results list with guests fishing were not properly merging the guest teams into the standings in the correct order.

Corrected: Species tracking and reporting was including all catches entered throughout the year.  The filter has been corrected.

Corrected: A tagged division may not be found when running YTD standings




Corrected: Option pots for Pro/Am events were not setting up properly.  This has been corrected.

Corrected: Team Year-To-Date tie breakers were not working.  Corrected the issue.




Corrected: Individual member Year-to-Date for team tournaments failed to work in version 8.  This was due to an updated program module that used different settings than what was used in version 7.  This has been corrected.

Modified: Starting the Bump program from the Tournament Schedule now requires the main Tournament Keeper program to shut down.  We ran into licensing issues when the main program continued to run after the Bump program started.  Shutting down the main program allowed the number of running copies of the program to match the copies purchased.




Changed: changed the default button on the membership maintenance list to respond to a change as opposed to closing the window

Changed: In SMS, removed the setup URL and embedded it into the program. It is a static setting and this removes any possibility of the user not entering it correctly.




Corrected: Bigfish Year-to-Date report was not converting weights when configured for pounds and ounces

Corrected: Bigfish Year-to-Date report would duplicate reporting the angler's bigfish for a multi-day tournament




Applied a patch that scans all tournament files for missing data constants. This is important because some organizations have reported that year-to-date reports were not reporting correctly.  In doing an analysis there was found key data from the tournament setup was missing.


On the initial implementation the synchronization will be run to validate all tournament results for errors.




Open tournament weigh-slips may not print. Issue corrected.




Team weigh-slips were not printing. Recompiled all modules and they seem to print again.




Corrected: Made some adjustments to the SMS module. Slowed down the text send to one per second due to a timing issue at Twilio.




Reloaded report templates and defaults due to an incorrect report template being set as a default

Created the Recovery sub-directory which is initially used by the point-in-time data backup. If set on, an error was generated when the directory could not be found going into the weigh-in.




Corrected: Preferences may set the Weight System to an invalid value when adding a new division.  The fix will change any invalid value to decimal pounds.




Just bumped build number to force a download which build 1308 failed to do




Corrected: Preferences may not save its configuration if there are more than one in the table.

Updated Copyright




Modified: Both team and individual draw tournament grouping will now have separate final results for each group.  If points are awarded, each group will get it's own set of points.

Added: Both team and individual draw tournaments have new reports that will now page break for each group being reported.

Added: Year-To-Date reports for both team and individual draws now have new reports that will count and page break for each group being reported.

Added: Tournament setup now includes an option to score the tournament by groups as assigned during registration.

Added: On both team and individual draw weigh-in forms that use tournament grouping, the group name will appear above the first name




Corrected: Team final results calculations If the boater or partner's first name was greater than 10 characters, the results would not be calculated. The first name work area has been increased.




Added: Custom membership sorting order.  This was accidentally dropped when upgrading the program to version 8.




Corrected: Team YTD was not picking up changed partners on the same team.




Added New: A check box has been added to the individual/pro-am and team registration forms labeled "Checked-in."  Optionally, you can track anglers and teams who have checked into the tournament.  The tournament registration report will show "Ckin" in the first column on the report.


Corrected: The registration reports has had the option totals better aligned at the bottom.


Corrected: Member edits (again) addressed




Fixed: Various program clean-ups done plus removed some old test code may cause windows to pop-up without any information


Corrected: member edits from the registration windows or team maintenance

Editing a member's details from a registration or team maintenance form may dis-associate them from the membership. This is fixed.


Added: Payback import file format change

Version 8 added separate payouts for boaters and non-boaters but the import file did not take that into consideration.  So the layout for the CSV import file has been modified and is documented in the user manual.




Changed individual tournament report collation to better accommodate guests in the standings.




Corrected: Individual Tournament Summary Report

Corrected the summary report which was not converting weights for pound and ounce configurations.


Corrected: Preferences inserting dummy configuration

Corrected the issue where a dummy configuration was getting inserted into the Preference's division list.  


Corrected: Registrations for Team Tournament

Corrected that when adding a team one at a time (Add button), the program would ask if the boater name was being changed.  


Corrected: Guest Finish in the Tournament Standings

Corrected where a guest or in-active member appears in the tournament standings.  If the division is not marked to save guest/in-active finishes, then they will fall in the correct order in the standings but without a place of finish or points, if generated.


Corrected: Adding Teams in Paired Team Maintenance Not Correctly Generating Team Numbers

Corrected the paired team maintenance process that when adding a new team, the team number would not correctly be generated.